Russian State Medical University

It was established in 1915 as a medical faculty of Donskoi University, transitioned to independence in 1930, and now has the status of a full-fledged medical university. More than 600 devoted teaching staff members, including 70 professors, 420 candidates for the degree of doctor of science in science, and more than 64 departments, set the academic process in motion.

Nearly 3000 doctors specialise in order to improve their qualifications, and the institute hosts 4000 students each year. The university has a 1000-bed clinic of its own, and in addition to that, it has bases in well-known city hospitals, allowing students to develop strong practical knowledge and medical skills.More than 2,700 doctors from 90 different nations have received the degree of doctor of medicine since 1963, and nearly 400 foreign doctors have received the degree of candidate of science. The well-designed student hostels with double rooms, libraries, study rooms, and sports facilities make your stay enjoyable and educational for studying. Around 2500 students can stay in the university’s hostel, where Russian and international students coexist peacefully.