Kazan State Medical University

The Kazan State Medical University is a public medical research university with many different departments and functions. Getting a medical education, developing clinical and biomedical sciences, and increasing scientific understanding of medical sciences all meet both personal and social needs. The Russian Ministry of Health’s Higher Education and Scientific Research system includes Kazan State Medical University (KSMU), which runs on the principle of self-governance. The academic body, which abides by university rules, is the highest level of KSMU self-governance. The State Committee of the Russian Federation of Higher Education granted the university a licence with the number 16 G – 235 on March 6, 1994, authorising it to conduct activities in the field of professional education.

This intricate educational system within the university’s framework offers ongoing, higher-level medical education. The Povolzhie and Ural regions, 10 republics, and Kazan State Medical University are all targets of the university’s efforts to train specialists in various medical fields.

In a ranking of medical schools, KSMU comes in at number 16 out of 86 other universities. (The Gourman Report, Fifth Edition: A rating of graduate and professional programmes offered by American and foreign universities. 1989 revisions to the Dr. Jack Gourman Nation Educational Standards.

University Highlights

  • Pharmaceutical and two medical colleges in Kazan.
  • Bio-medical classes on the secondary school basis.
  • One medical college Mary EI Republic lycee.
  • KSMU takes the 16th place among 86 other universities.